RV and Motor Home Insurance

Owning an RV can be fun. It provides you with a reliable mode of transportation for your trips. It is an asset that deserves to get the maximum protection. Your auto insurance policy does not cover for your RV insurance. You, therefore, need a separate policy. At Paddio Insurance, we provide you with reliable RV insurance depending on the value of your RV and exposure to risks. The following are some of our RV insurance coverage options.

Liability Insurance

Our Liability insurance protects you from financial losses in case of liability claims. Property damage liability covers you in case you cause damage to other people's RVs or vehicles. It helps you to pay for the repair costs. Bodily injury liability helps to pay for their medical charges. Our liability coverage option helps you to pay for the legal charges associated with the accident. You are required to have minimum liability insurance if you have a motorhome, a financed RV, rental RV or towable RV.

Uninsured/Underinsured Motorists Coverage

You may get into an accident with people that have little or no insurance. If such motorists are legally liable for an accident, they may not afford to offer you sufficient compensation. That is where our uninsured/underinsures motorists coverage comes in. It offers you compensation to take care of your medical charges.

Comprehensive Insurance

Our comprehensive coverage option covers damages to your RV if they are not a result of collision accidents. It covers damages such as impact with birds or animals, theft, vandalism, damage of glass by falling objects, damage due to riots, and weather damage.

Collision Insurance

If you get into a collision accident, our collision coverage option compensates you for the price of repairing or replacing your RV. You may collide with other RVs, cars, or objects such as fences and trees. The policy also compensates you if you get into a one-car accident where your RV rolls over.

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