Home Insurance

Home insurance is a policy meant to cover any damages or losses that might happen to the policy holder's home or the assets in the house. It may also be referred to as homeowner's insurance (HOI). Homeowners insurance is typically required for homeowners with a mortgage. Here is what your typical home insurance covers:

Liability Coverage

One of the best parts about owning a home is the fact that you can entertain guests. However, things could go wrong. A guest might get injured while on your property. If the accident happened because you were negligent they could sue you for damages. You might have to settle their medical bills. Homeowner's insurance will cover the medical expenses, legal defense costs and loss of income.

Loss of Use

In some cases, your home might be rendered uninhabitable and you might be required to move out while the repairs are being done. Homeowners insurance will pay for the hotel fees. It will also cover living expenses that you in cure while living in the hotel.

Dwelling Coverage

As the name suggests, this policy is meant to protect the structure of the home. It will also protect inbuilt appliances and wall to wall carpeting that you might have installed. It does not just cover the main house but also any connected structures such as a garage. If there is damage to the structure, the insurance policy will help cover the repairs but up to the agreed-upon limit.

Personal Property Coverage

A home would not be complete without your belongings. When adding up the costs if lost, you may realize just how much your property is worth. Your personal property is valuable and protecting it is important. Home insurance may cover the damage or loss of your belongings.

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