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At Paddio Insurance, we do our best to offer your condo as much protection as it needs. We understand that your condo unit is a valuable asset and we do our best to find you sufficient insurance coverage for the structures and your property. It is wise to at least have the minimum liability insurance to cover accidents that may be associated with the use, maintenance, or ownership of your units. Our agents are knowledgeable in condo insurance matters. They will help you find the condo insurance policy that is suitable for your needs. The following are some of our condo insurance coverage options.

Liability Coverage

Our Liability coverage protects you from financial losses if someone gets injured in your condo units. It helps you to pay for their medical fees. Our property liability coverage option helps you to pay for the costs of repairing or replacing another person's property that may be damaged in your unit. This coverage option also enables you to pay for the legal fees that if the person sues you.

Personal Property

We write quotes for personal property coverage to protect your property including furniture, pieces of art, and electronics that are inside your unit. Our Personal Property coverage option compensates you for the cost of replacing or repairing your property. It may also cover your property that was outside but around your unit.

Additional Living Expenses

Our additional living expenses coverage option helps you to pay for extra costs of living if your condo unit becomes inhabitable. If, for example, your unit is damaged by a fire, you may need to stay in a hotel room while the unit is under repair or reconstruction. The policy helps you pay for reasonable additional living costs such as hotel bills.

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